(Forever 21 Top, Penshoppe Necklace, Plains and Prints Shorts, Tomato Watch, Tomato Shoes)

          You can always see denim anywhere and it never fails us because it's one thing in your closet that will never go out of style and they can easily blend it whatever outfit you wear because of its versatility. It might seem a little risky but there are no rules to wearing denim on denim. With such a classic piece, it's always important to not only dress it up according to your style but it's also key to give it a fresh look by updating it with today's trends that is why I decided to add that Forever 21's top because cut-out clothes are now rising up.


(Gown by Rollie Graza, Y.R.Y.S Hat, Bag from Landmark, Bianca Pumps)

          Our theme for prom (02/03/12) is about Soir De L'Amour or Evening of Love. We should dress like we are citizens of Paris, France. I got this idea through the internet and couturier Rollie Graza made this all possible. I just added hat that I saw on Prince Harry and Kate Middleton wedding. I also want to have a bit of twist instead of long gown, I copied the idea of mullet skirt. And I believe the combination of Fuchsia and White is perfect to have the most eye-catching attire. 


(Penshoppe Necklace, Penshoppe Top, Tomato Watch, Tomato Sling bag, Tomato Shorts, Mario d' Boro Gladiator)

          Colorful outfits are the most popular today but I want to be different so I look back on where fashion starts the basic black and white or the neutrals. I just added a little hint of gold because I believe even basics needs to evolve. Don't forget to HYPE my looks on Lookbook :*

ALERT: Multiply Promo Code

                I am so busy these past few weeks on school because we had our 6th PFC (Parents and Facilitator Coordination) our 3rd to the last PFC that is why I needed to double time with my accomplishments. Anyway, I am back to share the ongoing promo which Multiply is offering.
                I love watching tutorials at Youtube and this ad usually appears. At first, I am not interested because I thought that promo was ended long time ago. But I saw some online sellers who persuade buyers to buy minimum of P500 worth of purchase and use that promo code. I realized why not try to see it for myself if it's still working. First, I decided what product to buy that I really need not just buy any product just to use the promo code. I was bit obsess with my NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream (which I will be reviewing soon) so I decided to buy other shades addition to my Lips Collection. By the way, If you wanna see my Makeup Collection or you have other request feel free to comment below.

                As you can see I use the code: "PH-CHECKOUT" that gives me P250.00 off but the Free Shipping promo was waive; that's okay because we prefer P250 off instead of P49 off right? You can also use "PH-TWENTYOFF" to get 20% off but I recommend this code if you are purchasing P1,000.00 and up because when you use this for purchasing P1,000 you will just save P200. Why not separate your orders into (2) P500 and get (2) P250 off. Yes you will pay (2) shipping fee but you still save a lot rather not using it any code or using "PH-TWENTYOFF". I hope it make sense because it is really hard to explain. Let's put this way:

NOTE: You can only use the same promo code once PER EMAIL. So I suggest make more account for more discount.

                 If you are having a hard time figuring out how to use the promo code THIS will guide you. If you also subscribe to Multiply Newsletter you will also receive another promo code to avail P250
 off for a minimum of P1,000.00 worth of purchase that you can use for your future purchases when other promo codes expire. CHECK THIS OUT for other discounts.

COLLECTIVE HAUL: 3rd week of January

                I really want to control myself from shopping and this week I made it! So, bear with me if I only have a mini haul for you. By the way I am not bragging my purchases but I am sharing it with you to give you ideas what to purchase and not. Let's start:

WHERE: Suesh, Trinoma
HOW MUCH:P200.00 (P550.00)
                Now I am not only the one who's in love with the blending sponge from Suesh because I already influenced my sister and my mom na. HAHA! I shared on my previous blog that I bought the violet one for my sister and now I bought this blue one for my mom. Even Suesh sells this blending sponge or what they call sponge puff back to the original price it is still worth to buy. I promise you will not be disappointed and you will believe impossible is really possible

  "Polka-printed top featuring embroidered deep peter pan collar."

WHERE: Tomato, Trinoma
HOW MUCH: P600.00  

                I am tired of dieting but still gaining weight because of my old clothes. I noticed I should wear fitted tops not to emphasize the bulges on my tummy but the real shape of my body. Now I am checking how and what material are used because these all matters if the clothes are appropriate or not for me. What I like about this top is the unique collar and it fits me perfectly.

  "Faux leather hobo bag featuring tasseled and studded front pocket with buckled tabs on each side"
WHERE: Tomato, SM North The Block
HOW MUCH: P800.00  
                I really prefer sling bags rather than backpack, shoulder and hand bags. It is comfortable just put it in your arms and swing as you go. What I like in this bag is it's hobo bag but it can act as a sling bag and it's leather plus the design and the color makes it so elegant and sophisticated. It has also a lot of space where you can put random stuff and it blends in any outfit you wear; it will be great for pants, shorts, skirts or dress but unfortunately not my school uniform :(


WHERE: Robinsons Galleria Dept. Store
HOW MUCH:P640.00 (P799.75)

                 For 16 years (hyperbole), I had been wearing close shoes because they are your best friends who can accept and cover your flaws when you have creepy pedicure, but this time I am ready to get over it. I am only comfortable wearing flats because I am 5'7 (I believe) but others said I should wear heels to showcase my modeling skills. For me this is not the right time, when opportunity comes I will totally grab it. Anyway, I decided to purchase this pair of gladiator. I know gladiator is so yesterday but this one is different; it can make your whole look mesmerizing just be confident. If you are tired wearing your usual pair of shoes even heels, I totally recommend this; very fashionable yet comfortable.

WHERE: Robinsons Galleria Dept. Store
HOW MUCH: P295.00
                 I am sick of slippers worth thousands; I am practical but I admit I still buy luxurious items that are WORTH TO BUY; like Nike it's worth it for a pair of rubber shoes especially for athletic persons, Jansport thousands for the lifetime warranty and quality or foundation ranges P800-1000 because I am paying for the quality din the coverage not like other items which others buy to be fashionable. You can still be fashionable by substituting other items right? That is why I decided to purchase this pair of slippers. It is very fashionable yet affordable it doesn't look cheap like you can buy on the wet markets (in the Philippines) but it is NOT worth for a thousand peso.

WHERE: Landmark, Makati
HOW MUCH: P550.00
                 I have been addicted to bags especially candy and satchel bags. When we went shopping at Makati I was helping my sister to find a new bag but instead of helping her I decided to purchase this bag for myself. HAHA! I love the color especially this shade of blue and I was amaze when I noticed it has different design each side.

HOW MUCH:$4.99
                This is not really part of my collective haul but I want to share with you what Ninang Evelyn gave to me, she gave this together with #5 as a Christmas gift. I am not fan of lip-glosses because I have full lips and I don't want to emphasize it. I will still try this product before judging it and I will share a blog not only about this product but about "Lip-Glosses for Full Lips".

                I love colognes from Victoria Secret, Herbench and Bath&Body. Japanese Cherry Blossom and Sweet Pea are my favorite scents at B&B. For your reference I love Romantic Wish at VS and In Love in Pink and Sweetheart from Anne Curtis line at Herbench.


 old-fashioned tools
L/R: ELF foundation brush, ELF powder brush, Sigma F80 dupe, Artist Studio slanted flat top brush

               I told you on my previous blog that I am using Revlon Colorstay foundation that has a thick consistency; that is why I am looking for a brush that will blend my foundation well to prevent caking up without affecting the coverage. I use a lot of techniques and tools like flat top brush, foundation brush, stippling brush and wedge sponges but nothing works. Every time I set my foundation with any powder (foundation, pressed, loose powder) it becomes cakey. The only option that I have is let my foundation dry and powder my face after few hours; it still controls my oil rather than not powdering my face the whole day.

               Then, Beauty Blender came out of nowhere; it promises to give flawless and airbrush finish with easy application. And I can't wait to try it out! I read a lot of positive reviews but I found out it cost P2,000 and up. I was like; FOR A SPONGE?! 2 thousand bucks?! So I settle down using my flat top brush or Sigma F80 dupe cost me only P149.00 from Landmark, Trinoma. In my opinion, if you are a newbie/beginner you will not spend that money for a sponge. 

                As time goes by, a lot of brands offer blending sponge or Beauty Blender dupe for a very affordable price. I bought Models Own blending sponge cost me P540.00 (including the shipping fee) but I were very disappointed and I don't want to buy any blending sponge ever again! [Models Own Blending Sponge Review SOON] This December, Suesh had sale; they offer their Sponge puff (like Sonia Kashuk blending sponge) for only P200.00 instead of P550.00 almost 64% OFF, but their sale is only until yesterday. Not bad, P550.00 for this kind of sponge is still affordable. Let's start: (sorry for a long introduction) 

                I were very amazed with the effect; it is easy to use, it leaves light feeling, it really gives me flawless finish and same coverage like my flat top brush gave, but the difference is: even I put a lot of makeup my sponge perfectly blends it for me and full coverage makeup still looks natural not thick. Using the stippling motion covers my pores as if I have a perfect skin and even I put a lot of powder it doesn't cake at all. This sponge is very handy; you don't need to bring a lot of brushes because you can use it in applying foundation, powder, blush, bronzer ANYTHING.

                Damping the sponge in water doesn't only doubles up size but it secretly saves your makeup; the sponge will not absorb any product because it already absorbs the water. And in my opinion I think the water helps the sponge in blending too.
                 When you wash it, some products leaved stains; it's already on your sponge and it cannot be removed.

Over-All Rating: 101/100%
One word for Suesh Sponge Puff : ECONOMICAL
Buy SUESH SPONGE PUFF; it's a must have on your makeup kit! (Disclaimer: I am not paid to do this blog write up. I am also not sponsored; I paid this sponge with my own money.)

APPLICATION: (same as Beauty Blender)

NOTE: You don't need to use the same cleanser; you can substitute using any anti-bacterial liquid soap you prefer.