old-fashioned tools
L/R: ELF foundation brush, ELF powder brush, Sigma F80 dupe, Artist Studio slanted flat top brush

               I told you on my previous blog that I am using Revlon Colorstay foundation that has a thick consistency; that is why I am looking for a brush that will blend my foundation well to prevent caking up without affecting the coverage. I use a lot of techniques and tools like flat top brush, foundation brush, stippling brush and wedge sponges but nothing works. Every time I set my foundation with any powder (foundation, pressed, loose powder) it becomes cakey. The only option that I have is let my foundation dry and powder my face after few hours; it still controls my oil rather than not powdering my face the whole day.

               Then, Beauty Blender came out of nowhere; it promises to give flawless and airbrush finish with easy application. And I can't wait to try it out! I read a lot of positive reviews but I found out it cost P2,000 and up. I was like; FOR A SPONGE?! 2 thousand bucks?! So I settle down using my flat top brush or Sigma F80 dupe cost me only P149.00 from Landmark, Trinoma. In my opinion, if you are a newbie/beginner you will not spend that money for a sponge. 

                As time goes by, a lot of brands offer blending sponge or Beauty Blender dupe for a very affordable price. I bought Models Own blending sponge cost me P540.00 (including the shipping fee) but I were very disappointed and I don't want to buy any blending sponge ever again! [Models Own Blending Sponge Review SOON] This December, Suesh had sale; they offer their Sponge puff (like Sonia Kashuk blending sponge) for only P200.00 instead of P550.00 almost 64% OFF, but their sale is only until yesterday. Not bad, P550.00 for this kind of sponge is still affordable. Let's start: (sorry for a long introduction) 

                I were very amazed with the effect; it is easy to use, it leaves light feeling, it really gives me flawless finish and same coverage like my flat top brush gave, but the difference is: even I put a lot of makeup my sponge perfectly blends it for me and full coverage makeup still looks natural not thick. Using the stippling motion covers my pores as if I have a perfect skin and even I put a lot of powder it doesn't cake at all. This sponge is very handy; you don't need to bring a lot of brushes because you can use it in applying foundation, powder, blush, bronzer ANYTHING.

                Damping the sponge in water doesn't only doubles up size but it secretly saves your makeup; the sponge will not absorb any product because it already absorbs the water. And in my opinion I think the water helps the sponge in blending too.
                 When you wash it, some products leaved stains; it's already on your sponge and it cannot be removed.

Over-All Rating: 101/100%
One word for Suesh Sponge Puff : ECONOMICAL
Buy SUESH SPONGE PUFF; it's a must have on your makeup kit! (Disclaimer: I am not paid to do this blog write up. I am also not sponsored; I paid this sponge with my own money.)

APPLICATION: (same as Beauty Blender)

NOTE: You don't need to use the same cleanser; you can substitute using any anti-bacterial liquid soap you prefer.